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3113 Assignments

Assignment 1: Read and write a review on "Letters to a Young Journalist" by Samuel G. Freedman. Find an article in the paper and be prepared to discuss why it's news, why it was played where it was, what's good/bad about it, etc. Due Tuesday, Sept. 12.


Assignment 2: Read Chapters 1-5 and 7 in the workbook. Complete exercises for Chapter 7, on ledes. Study for AP style test on letters A-D. Due Tuesday, Sept. 26.


For the AP test, pay special attention to:

- Abbreviations and Acronyms

- Addresses

- Composition Titles

- Capitalization

- County

- Dept. of Agriculture (and the list of the departments that follows)

- Directions and Regions

- Drowned

- Anti-

- Among/Between

- Affect/Effect

- Doctor

- Dollars


The test will be a combination of multiple choice, choose between A/B and correcting sentences according to AP style. It will be open book. There may be questions on items beside the above, but they will all be from letters A-D.


Assignment 3: Complete exercises in Chapter 7. Due Tuesday, Oct. 3.


Assignment 4: Read Chapter 11 in the text on news releases and do related exercises in the workbook. For details, click here. Due Tuesday, Oct. 10.


Assignment 5: Back to basics. Read Chapter 8, "Writing to be Read." In workbook, do these questions:

1 (No need to write the sentence, just the correct word), 3, 4, 7, 9, 12, 13b (You can write just the transitions, but tell me where you'd put them),19, 21 and 22.


Assignment 6

Two tasks for Tuesday, but no writing. You'll start preparing for Election Day. And you'll study for an AP style quiz.


1) We will spend some time over the next few weeks preparing to cover the election. Each one of you will choose one candidate to cover. You will research that candidate's election, his/her opponent, the district and the issues. You will then go out and cover the story on Election Day.


For Tuesday, please choose the candidate you want to cover. It can be a local, county or statewide election -- city or county commission or mayor, county board of education, state House of Representatives or Senate, U.S.

House of Representatives or Senate, but not a judicial race. (They're


Prepare a brief write up on your candidate.


District, if applicable

Candidate Name

Candidate Party

Candidate Web Site, if any

Opponent Name

Opponent Party

Opponent Web Site, if any

The most important issues at stake


You can find candidates by going to the Supervisor of Elections site in Broward (www.browardsoe.org) or Miami-Dade, http://elections.miamidade.gov/

You can also look in the newspaper, pay attention to ads or get creative.

Has a candidate spoken at your church or knocked on your door?


2) Please prepare for a second AP Style test on Tuesday, covering Chapters D-G of the stylebook. Read all four chapters (yes, I know, the last test also included "D"), paying particular attention to entries on:





Demolished (rule also applies to "unique" and other superlatives)




Every one/Everyone



Forego, forgo

Full time

Gamut, gantlet, gauntlet

Ghetto, ghettos

Good, well

Governmental bodies


Gypsy, gypsies


Assignment 7: Police Stories.

First draft due Friday, Oct. 27, 9 p.m., at jou3113@gmail.com


Assignment 8: Obituaries

First draft due Friday, Nov. 3, 9 p.m., at jou3113@gmail.com


Assignment 9: Elections

First draft due Friday, Nov. 10, 9 p.m., at jou3113@gmail.com


Assignment 10: Write one another's obituaries.

First draft due Tuesday, Nov. 21, in class on paper.






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