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3121 Assignments

Assignment 1: Due Oct. 4.

Finish your public records research

·    Read the introduction to the "Florida Public Records Handbook.

·    Read the following selections from the "Public Records" page of this web

    site: "Know the Law," "Know the Records" and "Know Where to Get

    the Records."

·   Background and write a biographical sketch. For details and assignments

    cllick here.


Assignment 2: Due Oct. 4

Introduction to spreadsheets

·    Reading: "Chapters 1, 3 & 4 in "Computer-Assisted Reporting: A Practical

     Guide" and handouts on "Basic Spreadsheet-ology."

·    Do the introductory spreadsheet exercises you'll find here.


Assignment 3: Due Oct. 9

Download the file called tuition.xls you'll find here. It's a very small spreadsheet containing tuition costs at Florida's public university and how it changed over time. Spend a little time playing around with it and see what you find. Think about the results and how it might become part of a story. We'll work more with this data and some tuition data from around the country in class. But please be prepared to turn in the work you do on this file.


Assignment 4: Due Oct. 16

In this exercise, we'll review what we've already learned and learn a couple of new things, too. Click here for the assignment.


Baseball Salaries: Due Nov. 1

We played around for awhile in class with Major League Baseball salary data. Click here for the data and a couple of tutorials. Play around with it some more and see what you find.


Florida Crime Trends: Due Nov. 6 

Compare statewide crime with South Florida. Darn that editor.


Introduction to Databases: Due Nov. 13


Data from Scratch: Due Nov. 15


Hunting Accidents: Due Nov. 20, with story memo.


Importing Data: Due Nov. 27


Final Assignment: Due Monday, Dec. 18




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