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Backgrounding Assignment

Write a two-three page biographical sketch of the individual assigned to you below.


You may use only official public/quasi-public records sources we’ve reviewed in class, that are available through the library or of which you are aware through your own enterprise. For example, if you are researching a pulmonologist, and you could go to the AMA site or the site of the pulmonologist professional association.


You may not use Google or any other search engine for this assignment; you may also not use Wikipedia, though you can use it as a roadmap to facts that you confirm elsewhere. You may make any phone calls to public agencies. But do not call the subject of your research.


Remember to follow all possible leads. So, if your subject has a business, find out as much as you can about that business. Likewise, try to follow any leads you find about your subject's spouse and/or children.


Footnote your to indicate precisely where you learned each fact about your subject. Footnotes should look like this: (1). At the end of the paper use the same numbers to give the source of each fact.  The footnote page does not count as part of paper’s length.


After the footnotes, indicate the sources you checked that didn't turn up anything. And, if there are paper sources you would have wanted to check but couldn’t, tell me what they are, as well.


Remember that there may not be a lot of information on a particular person. If that's the case, write up what you have, with footnotes. And, again, tell me what you checked that didn't turn anything up.


You'll find guidance in the Florida Public Records Guide and in the class web site sections titled "Know the Records" and "Know Where to Get the Records."


In the "Know the Records" section, pay special attention to the piece called "Finding Almost Anybody.


You should also read the piece called "Records are a State of Mind."




What You Know

Bosko, Indra

Jared Anton

Disbarred lawyer, Hollywood

De La Fuente, Lalinda

Fred Hochzstein

Lawyer, Hollywood

De Leon, Dayan

Andrew Vaz

Restaurant owner, Hollywood

De Wit, Jose

Sal Oliveri

City Commissioner, Hollywood

Gilmartin, Jessie

Jesse Gaddis

Transportation mogul, Broward County

Gomez, Frank

Carol Andrews

School Board member, Broward County

Harmon, Amy

Mitchell Chefitz

Rabbi, Miami

Harrigan, Vanitia

Ronald Rothschild

Judge, Broward Circuit Court

Kameka, Andrew

Jeffrey Streitfeld

Judge, Broward Circuit Court

Mattiace, Monique

Ken Jenne

Sheriff, Broward County

Mavares, Daniela

Shafayat Mohamed

Leader of mosque, Pembroke Pines

Novoa, Vanessa

Tom Fiedler

Editor, Miami Herald

Permanan, Krystal

Bob Norman

Writer/Columnist, New Times/Broward-Palm Beach

Prigoshin, Agustina

Neil Reisner


Quincosa, Melissa

Allan Richards


Requena, Arianna

Scott Roberts

Mortgage broker, civic leader, Hollywood

Richardson, Michelle Hallie

David Lyons

Editor, Daily Business Review

Roblee, Daniel

Bernie Friedman

Lawyer, Hollywood

Valdes, Irama

Barry Alter

Retired cardiologist, Hollywood

Wilkenson, Caitlin

Franklin Zemel

Lawyer, Fort Lauderdale





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