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Ethnic & Religious Media

Ethnic and religious media provide journalists with windows into the communities they cover. They're an invaluable way to get the pulse of a community, its issues and concerns. They're also a way to find sources -- both official and "just folks" -- as well as listening posts from which to monitor the community pulse yourself.


Some things to consider:


• What does the ethnic press do differently than than the mainstream press?


• What kinds of stories might the ethnic press covers that the mainstream press doesn't?


• Would the ethnic press play stories differently? In other words, what would make Page 1 in an ethnic publication contrasted to a mainstream publication?


• Who owns ethnic papers? How might journalists use them differently, depending on ownership?


• How might ethnic publications help a reporter cover an ethnic community better?



New Americans -- Fresh Off the Presses
Survey of ethnic papers from the Carnegie Reporter, publication of the Carnegie Endowment

The Ethnic Press Explosion in New York City
NYC's Ethnic Press
Two stories by Abby Scher, director, Independent Press Association -- New York

As Mainstream Papers Cuts Back, the Ethnic Press Expands
The ethnic press fills gaps left by contracting mainstream papers

The News Hour: Ethnic Media Sector is Growing
Oct. 2002 "Changing Times" segment from "The News Hour with Jim Lehrer"


Ethnic Media Grows Up

As ethnic media becomes more important, will the bottom line become more important than the content? From ColorLines, the first national, multi-racial magazine devoted to covering the politics and creations of communities of color.


Interview -- Lawrence Lee
A "journalismjobs.com" interview with Lawrence Lee, president and CEO of the Sacramento Observer, a weekly paper covering the Black community.



Chapter from "The State of the News Media 2004," an annual report produced by the Project for Excellence in Journalism.



Press Directories

No directory of ethnic or religious press is complete. Here are a few starting points. 


Florida Newspapers/Newsmedia

A city-by-city directory of news outlets statewide, many of which are ethnic/religious. From ABYZ News Links' collection of news links throughout the world.


Ethnic Media -- Yahoo Listings
Special-interest publications covering a dozen groups.



The web presence of America’s Black community newspapers and the NNPA News Service, the last national Black Press news wire. For local papers, click on "Local News."


Hispanic Publication Search

Search for Hispanic publications in the Hispanic Yearbook/Anuario Hispano. Search by publication name, city or state. Database also includes broadcast.


Muslim/Mideast Media

Directory of U.S.-based publications focusing on Islam and related issues.


Jewish Press

A directory of Jewish newspapers from the American Jewish Press Association. Jewish newspapers are often owned by Jewish organizations, which can influence their coverage. Jewish news is also available from theJewish Telegraphic Agency, the "AP" of the Jewish world.


Religious Media

A directory of religious publications and broadcasts, courtesy of the

Religion Newswriters Association.


Native American Media

NativeWeb Resource Database


WWW Virtual Library -- American Indians

There is no complete directory of Native American newspapers and there often is tension between official tribal newspapers and independent, more critical papers. These are two good directory links; note, that the Seminole Tribune, below, is not listed.


Publications for Browsing

New California Media Editorial Exchange

Stories from New California Media, a consortium of more than 700 ethnic media organizations.


Voices That Must be Heard
Online compilation of articles from the ethnic press in New York City, compiled by the Independent Press Association -- New York

Miami Times
Weekly newspaper of Miami's African-American Community

El Nuevo Herald
The Miami-Herald's sister publication in Spanish

La Campana
Spanish-language newspaper of Miami's Cuban-exile community

The Haitian Times
Founded in 1999, by Garry Pierre-Pierre, a former New York Times reporter, and distributed around teh country and in Haiti.


Express Gay News

A newspaper for South Florida's gay and lesbian community.

Final Call Online
The official newspaper of the Nation of Islam.


A weekly newspaper for Indians abroad.


The Forward
The weekly English version of a legendary, left-leaning Yiddish newspaper that in the early part of the 20th century was among the most important links immigrants had with their new country.


National Catholic Reporter
An independent Roman Catholic newspaper based in Missouri.


Seminole Tribune
Official newspaper of the Hollywood-based Seminole Tribe of Indians.


Nikkei West
A Japanese-American community newspaper based in Northern California.


Pakistan Link
Based in Los Angeles, aimed at the Pakistani community nationwide.







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