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Letters to a Young Journalist

"Letters to a Young Journalist" by Samuel G. Freedman introduces the culture of journalism to both journalists and non-journalists, alike. You won't learn how to report and write from this book, you will learn what you need to know and think about to be a great reporter and writer.


Write a critical review of the book, perhaps discussing Freedman's overall theme, the book's specific contents, its critique of contemporary reporting and writing and, most important, what you learned from the book that you didn't know.


Write it like a book review that would appear in the newspaper. Use AP style and newspaper style and do not use the word "I," even when you're discussing what you learned from the book. Instead, talk about what in the book might surprise or enlighten young journalists.


Keep it to no more than four pages. Due Monday, May 15.


Here are some other resources that may be helpful. Note that some of these sites may contain reflections on the book. I expect you to present your own ideas and analysis.


Miami Herald Book Reviews


Palm Beach Post Book Reviews


New York Times Book Reviews (Free registration required.)


Sam Freedman's Web Page


A Conversation with Sam Freedman

Q & A with Chip Scanlan of the Poynter Institute


Interview with Freedman on NPR's Diane Rehm Show. (Requires Real Audio or Windows Media Player.)




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