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Multi-Ethnic Reporting/JOU3188

Multi-Ethnic Reporting course explores the challenges, large and small, of covering the news in one of the nation's most ethnically diverse regions,  focusing on the role of journalists in a multi-ethnic culture.


Among the topics we'll address:

·  Ways journalists can work effectively within cultures to which they are foreign or strange.

·  What journalists must know about themselves to do so.

·  Ways to make coverage of religion, ethnicity and lifestyles more insightful and effective.


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Class Documents:

What you need to know. The syllabus, etc.

The Listening Post: What's it all about and how to do it. Assignments and Deadlines, as well.

Reaction Papers:

Huh? What's a Reaction Paper?

Reisner's Blog: 

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Sept. 13

What's This All About? And why should we bother?


Listening Post Submit 3 possible locations on index card.

Sept. 20:

On the Beat

What do we need to think about when we immerse ourselves in communities unlike our own?

Sept. 27:

The Politics of Ethnicity

"All politics is local," Thomas  P. "Tip" O'Neill used to say when he was speaker of the House, but he was wrong. All politics is ethnic.


Oct. 4

Ethnic & Religious Media: Want to find out what's really going on in a community? Read what they read; watch what they watch.

Oct. 11

Covering Religion:

The religion beat at comes with challenges of its own. One big one: Journalists are by nature skeptical of anything that smacks of dogma or that they think "impinges" on free will.

Oct. 18

Your Thoughts?

Wrapping it up and one more thing to read.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read the Syllabus and many other documents on this site. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.




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