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On the Beat

This week, we'll think about issues journalists face when covering diverse communities and ways journalists can become part of the communities they cover. Here are some things to think about as you read the following selections:


 Could you cover a community of which you were a member?


What about a community with which your own community has tense relations? A Jew covering Palestinians, for example, or a black covering the KKK?


Do you have personal strengths or weaknesses that would help/make it more difficult for you to cover an ethnic community?


What do you do if you are assigned to cover a community or group with which you have no experience?



Writing What You Know, And then Some

How a St. Petersburg Times reporter spent three years chronicling an Indian-American woman who, though steeped in U.S. culture, decided to try to find a mate through her parents' age-old custom of arranged marriage. Read the series:

"A Husband for Vibha."


Jamaican students find sucess in S. Fla. schools

The Miami Herald ran this story on January 25, 2006. Good? Bad? Indifferent?


What Goes Wrong: The Human Factor

How our own unconscious belief systems lead to dangerous gaps in reporting. The second in the Knight Foundation's four-part series on journalism and coverage of a changing America.


Re-thinking the Race Beat
Do you need to be one to cover one?

From the Poynter Institute:

Handling Race/Ethnicity in Descriptions

The Suspect Was Described As … 


Diversity Tip Sheets

Journalism tips you can use.


Finding Diverse Experts

Help with multicultural topics.






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