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The Politics of Ethnicity

Politics are inexorably intertwined with ethnicty. Reporters bat around terms like "The Black Vote," "The Hispanic Vote" and "The Jewish Vote" but really don't know what the terms mean or what they imply.


Some things to think about:

• Where do ethnicity/race/religion and politics meet?

• What are the positive/negative aspects of these components of political life? 
• Should ethnicity/race/religion be eliminated from politics? How? 
• To what should a beat reporter pay attention when covering politics and elections? 
• What kind of sources are important?


In your reaction papers this week, please also spend a little time recapping our discussions over the last few weeks. Did you gain any insights? What were they? Was the whole thing a waste of time? Why? Did you change? How?



Bloc Voting a Reality at the Ballot Box

Tom Fiedler, now Miami Herald editor, examines the facts of ethnic voting.


Candidates Deny Links to Racist Campaign Flier

When elections get desparate, race can raise its head in elections. That's what happened in a 1998 election for seat in the Florida House of Representatives.



America’s Newest Voters
Understanding immigrant and minority voting behavior. A resource for journalists and students, from the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University.


A Vote for Complexity

Handling Race in Political Coverage. From the Poynter Institute.


Ethnic Politics and the Changing Face of New York

From The Gotham Gazette, an website and online magazine focusing on New York City and, especially, the city's diverse cultures.


Ethnic Political News

A compilation of current stories from New California Media, a consortium of ethnic press organizations based in California.


Election 2004

Shifting Loyalties Among Ethnic Groups a Factor The Washington Post covers the ethnic vote in the 2004 election.


Swinging the Vote

Bush and Kerry must pay attention to minority voters in the run-up to November. Harvard Political Review, May 2004


Voters pursued in ethnic enclaves

The Chicago Tribune reports on get-out-the-ethnic-vote efforts in the Windy City.


Hispanic Voters

Diaz challengers' toughest campaign is name recognition

Miami Herald

Hispanic candidates turn to Miami

Miami Herald.


Battling for the Cuban Vote in South Florida

MSNBC Reports


In the War for the Hispanic Vote, Education Is the First Battle



Hispanic Media Editors See Conservative Tilt in Hispanic Votes

Pacific News Service


The Cuban Connection

Cuban-American Money in U.S. Elections, 1979-2000. A report by the non-partisan campaign finance analysis group OpenSecrets.org.

African-American Voters

Kerry slow to energize black vote

USA Today


Diminishing Respect for the Black Vote Jabari Asim, columnist for the Washington Post.


Caribbean Voters

Schism threatens Haitians' political progress

Miami Herald


Caribbean clout tested in Miramar



Caribbean Americans form own caucus Miami Herald


Haitian American Politics in Chicago An Alicia Patterson Fellowship report. The Alicia Patterson Foundation awards fellowships to print journalists.


Caribbean Community is Gaining Political Clout Miami Herald


Jewish Voters

The End of the "Jewish Vote"

Speculation in the Washington Post by the editor of the New Republic.


Wooing the Jewish Vote

Pre-election analysis from Newsweek.


Condos Give Gottlieb a Narrow Win How an ethnic group that votes gave a candidate his margin of victory. Miami Herald.


Muslim Voters

Muslims could prove key in choosing next U.S. president

USA Today






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