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Alaska Press Club -- Journalism Conference 2006



Internet 101: Your guide to more effective use of the `Net and more focused searches. (PowerPoint)*


(At Least) 25 Documents All Journalists Need: Documents let you know what the folks you're covering know. Or, maybe even more. Here's a review of document sources that all reporters should include in their arsenal.



Backgrounding: Reisner's concise guide.


Beyond Google: There are scores of online research tools besides Google. Here's a sampling by Alan Schlein, author of "Find It Online."


Deep Web Tricks: From three of journalism's search goddesses, Margot Willians of the New York Times, Nora Paul of the University of Minnesota and M.J. Crowley of the Newark Star Ledger.


Investigator's Guide to Sources of Information: This 117-page guide was compiled in 1997 by the Office of Special Investigations of the congressional Government Accountability Office. Athough somewhat dated -- expecially the sections on electronic sources of information and the Internet -- it remains among the best of its kind, used both by government and private investigations. There's a PDF version you can download or an Web version you can view online.




These handouts on covering Native Americans were prepared for various Investigative Reporters & Editors conferences. Many contain tips applicable to covering Native Groups in Alaska.


Reporting Dos & Don'ts in Indian Country: A one-page tipsheet focused on Southwest tribes prepared by Native American journalists in1993. Still useful today.


Public Records and Native Americans: This handout focuses on Indian gaming, but contains a useful list of places where sovereign Native nations intersect with the government and public records result.


On the Paper Trail of Broken Promises: Investigating in Indian country and HUD's tribal housing program. Includes lists of helpful resources compiled by the Seattle Times Pulitzer-winning investigative reporting team. Also contains a printout from the Tribal and Housing Authority Directory.




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