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Miami Herald Honors Internship

The Miami Herald Honors Internship is a way top SJMC print and broadcast journalism majors can get real-world experience, top-notch editing, clips, credit and even a little bit of cash, all while continuing their studies at FIU.


It is also a commitment.


Honors Interns must promise to work 15 to 20 hours a week at The Herald, starting in September 2006 and continuing through May 2007. At the same time, they must keep up on their regular FIU coursework and maintain their GPAs.


Herald Interns will receive letter grades and also will receive an $820 stipend each semester intended to cover the cost of enrolling the class and to provide a modest stipend. This can cause some complications with financial


They will be required to meet regularly Prof. Neil Reisner, who supervises the internship for SJMC.


And there may be sanctions imposed on any interns who, of their own accord, do not complete all three semesters of the program.


The Herald Honors Internship is awarded competitively and is open to any FIU print or broadcast journalism major.


Applying for the Internship

Students who wish to be considered for the Herald Honors internship must be fully admitted to the journalism program and must have completed Writing Strategies/MMC 3104C and Introduction to Journalism/JOU 3003.


Students who have completed News Workshop/JOU 3113 and News Reporting/JOU 3117 or, in the case of broadcast majors,  Introduction to Television/ RTV 3000 and Advanced Writing for Television/ RTV4101 will receive preference, but these courses are not required for application.


Honors Internship candidates must submit an essay explaining why they feel they’re suitable for the program, accompanied by no more than six articles, clips, essays or other writings that showcase their abilities.


Applicants may also submit the names of FIU professors who know their work well and who are willing to recommend them to the program.


Application packages must be submitted to Prof. Reisner as soon as possible. Screening of applicants is ongoing, but must be completed within the first 10 days of the semester. 


Prof. Reisner will review the applications and select candidates to be interviewed by himself and a Herald editor. Final choice of Interns will be made by The Herald.


Registering for the Internship

Students selected as Interns must register for JOU 3312.


Interns must first get permission numbers from Meira Langsam in the Dean’s office, then register for the course the same way they do for any other course. Meira can be reached by phone, 305-919-5674 or email, langsamm@fiu.edu.

Students must pay for the course by the usual payment deadlines.


The scholarship/internship will NOT automatically pay for the course. Failure to pay for the course in a timely manner will mean that the student is charged a late fee and/or dropped from the program.


During the Internship

In addition to their work at The Herald, Interns will be required to meet regularly with Prof. Reisner every two weeks. They must also submit both the raw copy and a published clip of all stories they do for The Herald. Prof. Reisner will be in touch with Herald editors and monitor Interns’ progress. He will be available to work with any Interns who need coaching on their writing and/or reporting, as well as to help deal with any issues that may come up over the course of the year.



Meira Langsam processes the awards.


Once registration deadlines have passed or all students have registered for JOU 3312, whichever comes first, Meira processes Financial Aid Award forms and sends them through the appropriate channels. This usually takes 4 days

The form then goes to Financial Aid and is processed by them, which can take up to a month.


Financial Aid then releases the funds automatically, but only to full-time students. Students not carrying full-time loads must go the Financial Aid Office on the Biscayne Bay Campus and ascertain whether the funds have been released. Students who are carrying full-time loads would be wise to do so, as well.



The Miami Herald Honors Internship is a three-semester program, with each semester worth one credit.


Herald Interns will receive letter grades each semester, based on the joint evaluation of their Herald editors and Prof. Reisner.


Because the Herald Honors Internship requires a three-semester commitment, however, Interns who leave the program voluntarily before it is complete will have their grades changed to “F,” absent extradorinary circumstances The grades of Interns asked to leave the program by The Herald will not be changed.



Contact Prof. Reisner, ACII 318, 305-919-5677, reisnern@fiu.edu.




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