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Public Records Assignment, Spring 2006

Here are your assignments for the public records project.


Your assignment is to make find out who is responsible for these records in each city, to request them in electronic format and to keep negotiating until the end of the semester or until you get the records, whichever comes first.


Keep a log of every action you take to get the records. Note the date and time, what you did (phone, e-mail, fax, letter, whatever), who you contacted (full name, title, phone number), what the results were and what you did next.


You'll be graded on how assertively, creatively and diligently you pursue the records, what avenues you pursue, etc.


Note: Don't lay out any money. None of these records should cost much; if your officials say they will, well, that's what negotiating is about.


Start by reading the introduction to the Florida Public Records Handbook and the chapter on negotiating for records in the Houston book. You should also read the material posted on this web site "Know How to Negotiate for Records" and, if you've not already, the material under "Know the Law," and "Know the Records."


And remember: Be nice. The folks you will deal with are, for the most part, only doing their jobs as they understand them.


They may know nothing about Chapter 119, the Florida Public Records Law, and they may know equally little about computers.


But they have the power to make your lives easier or harder and it pays to help them help you by remembering the old saying that it's easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar.


On the other hand, at a certain point it may be necessary to get tough. That's when you should get tough.


Here are some definitions and some guidance on what you're seeking:


City Payroll: Everyone who works for the city. You'll want to get name, date of birth, gender, date of hire, title, race/ethnicity, salary.


City Vehicle List: All the vehicles owned by a city. Autos, trucks, fire engines, tractors, police cars, etc. You'll want to get vehicle name, VIN number, year, model, purchase date, price.


City Vendors List: Any person or business that sells goods or services to the city. The folks they buy paper clips from, the folks they buy computers from, the folks they buy cars from, etc. You'll want vendor name, address, what they sell to the city and, if possible, how much business the city gave them in the last year.



Name Records City
Carrillo, Adrian City Payroll Belle Glade
Cruz, Bianca City Vehicle List Wellington
Delgado, Adriana City Payroll Wilton Manors
Deremigis, Laura City Payroll Florida City
Dinally, Rayaad City Payroll Sunrise
Fleming, Laura City Vendors List Miramar
Forte, Yesenia City Vendors List Coral Springs
Francis, Beverly City Vendors List Pompano Beach
Gajardo, Monica City Payroll Coconut Creek
Granda, Alex City Vendors List Fort Meyers
Haines, Michael Health Inspections FIU
Hernandez, Ailsa City Vendors List Plantation
Hillel, Chofit City Vendors List Hallandale Beach
Jawaid, Asra City Vehicle List Lake Worth
Medici, Fernanda City Payroll Fort Lauderdale
Smiley, David City Vendors List Boynton Beach
Villarmarzo, Xavier City Vehicle List Key West
Wong, Lucy City Vehicle List Tamarac





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